Sonny Webster's Lift Off

Sonny Webster's Lift Off

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British Olympic weightlifter Sonny Webster launches his first ever Lift Off competition at  BodyPower in 2019.

Competitors will be able to pit themselves against lifters from across the country in two main categories – individual and team based. Whether you’re an experienced lifter, or want to test yourself to see your all-round fitness level against like minded fitness enthusiasts, this is the competition for you.

The idea behind this competition is to bring the sport of weightlifting back to life with a twist. Sonny has put together a series of spectacle events to test the human bodys power and strength elements to the max in a friendly social environment

Individual Athletes will compete in a series of events which are 

  • Max ground to overhead 6 minute times cap. 
  • 60 second Max calories on an assault bike
  • Max box jump onto plates 6 minute time cap 
  • 30m sprint one shot! 

The way the competition will be scored will allow athletes from all heights and shapes to compete against each other to find the ultimate athlete - scoring will be max lift on sinclair + max box jump on sinclair + max calories divided by your sprint time. 

For the team element of the competition same sex team athletes will combine in super teams style event where one athlete from each team will compete in 1 event each. Pic your specialist and combine forces. 

Prizes to be won include:

Training camp spot with Sonny Webster in Bali 

Title of ‘Lift Off Champion 2019’

Supplement stack

Tickets to the event will include full day access to the show and a percentage of the revenue from the event will go to support Sonny’s charity to promote the sport of olympic weightlifting worldwide and help fund weightlifting development world 

wide through providing equipment for clubs and running youth training camps for aspiring athletes.